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At flovel group our dream is to provide residential services which provide comfort and style that inspires everyday life. We strive to offer our customers the best building design, quality, convenience and solutions at affordable prices. We are proud to serve Corporate organizations, Government institutions, Families/Individuals looking for a residence or office space for purchase, lease or wishes to sell/rent out their existing homes or properties within the US.

Do you provide financing for home purchase?

Yes we provide owner financing options.

How long does it take you to construct a new home?

We using have our first walk through by the 5th month.

How long does it take to close a home with you?

After completion of the house, it takes up 30 days depending on the bank you use or 10 days if you qualify for our owner financing.

What is the minimum credit score do I need to buy a home from you or qualify for financing from you?

The minimum credit score you need is determined by the bank based on the type of loan you qualify for it could be FHA, conventional, etc. Some loans start with a credit score of 580 along with other requirements. Our owner financing also requires a credit score but we consider other factors too.

What is your minimum down payment requirement?

10% to 20%

Can you buy my current home before buying a new one from you?

No we do not buy houses.

Do you require a bank pre-approval before accepting a contract?

Yes we require one if not using our owner financing option.

Can I rent and buy 1 year later or do you offer a rent-to-own property?

Yes you can rent up to 5 years before owning the property.

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